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The information on this Wiki only applies to the Corsairs server.


Wiki is created for:

  • General description of game aspects.
  • Keeping information about game up to date.
  • Minimizing the questions that arise from the players and eliminating the need for the administration to answer common questions about the game.

In general, we assume that the administration will only answer questions that are not yet covered in the wiki, with a subsequent addition. Or for technical questions, appeals for problems, news, and so on.

By creating a wiki, we immediately eliminate the discrepancy between certain aspects, even within the administration. We exclude the situation when the administration's answers differ, due to a difference in awareness or incompetence on a particular issue. It is in the Wiki that the course and direction of the project is set for both the User and the Administration.

Appeal to the administration

You should avoid contacting the administration if:

  • The question is directly related to content that is already on the wiki. We have the right to simply send the player to the wiki without explaining anything.
  • Question is about future content. Answers to such questions are at the request of the administration, but consider that, by default, there will be no answer. If at some point it is necessary to agree with the players or we are not sure about it, we will contact the players ourselves.

You should contact the administration if:

  • The question refers to bugs in the game. Including found dishonest game advantages, etc.
  • The question refers to issues with the game client or website on your specific device.
  • Website/server/database/payment system not working.
  • Valuable equipment was lost unintentionally.

Where and who to contact

Contact takes place via Discord through the ticket system. To apply on discord, you need to go to the channel #❓︱ask-senna and type command /ticket. This will create a separate discord channel where you can tell the admins in detail about your problem privately.

Technical questions and suggestions

There is a Discord channel for technical questions: #🐞︱bug-reports. And a Discord channel for suggestions: #💡︱suggestions.

Channels usage rules

To use #🐞︱bug-reports and #💡︱suggestions channels correctly, you need to follow only a few points:

  • Each new issue/suggestion is written as a new post in the channel and is considered a "topic".
    • In one message, you can describe several problems or suggestions, but if there are many points, then it is better to divide them into several messages.
  • For communication and discussion of the technical problem / suggestion, a thread is created under this message.
    • It is no longer possible to add new topics inside a thread, the administration will ignore such messages or parts of messages.
  • Discussion outside the thread is not allowed, all messages that are not new "topics" will be deleted.

If during the discussion the administration confirmed the need to fix / change / implement what is described in the topic, then the administrator reports this in the thread.

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